Herceg Novi Tourist Board

Herceg Novi Tourist Board

Fortress Tajno Brdo (eng. Secret Hill) was built under Austro-Hungarians and was used for military purposes until the end of the 20th century. It offers a great view from the top. The marked hiking trail from Kameno village (10 min) leads to the fortress. Since 2013, Tajno Brdo has the status of a cultural asset. Be active!

The village of Zlijebi represents an ambient whole and a jewel of national construction in stone. It is an unavoidable point when visiting the hinterland. There is also the church of St. Nicholas (708 m) with a fantastic view of the coast. Zlijebi can be reached by car from the village Kameno, or by an old pedestrian route from Herceg Novi suburb (a tiring rise). Be active!

Šilobod is a fortified peak – lookout to which from the village of Kameno leads a marked hiking trail (20 min), but also a weak macadam road, suitable for mountain biking. Be active!
Archaeological site Djevojacke grede has several stone mounds from the Illyrian period. It has a great view of the entrance to the bay. Environment is rich in healing herbs (sage and ling). Access is marked (20 minutes) from the village of Kameno. Be active!

Kotobilje Forest with Matkovica Bridge and the spring Zelenac make an interesting and relaxing set of Mediterranean conifer forests and old stone constructions. Access is possible by car to village Trebesin, or by marked hiking trail from Herceg Novi (40 min). Be active!

The remains of the Wind Mill (690 m) originate from the second half of the 19th century. They can be reached by marked hiking trail (10 min) from the road for Krusevice. Jefto Radovic, from nearby Kruševica, made the only wind mill in Boka in order to grind grain without crossing the Turkish-Austrian border, descending to Boka. In the sense of construction, the mill has characteristics of the eastern Adriatic windmills, while its mechanism was made on the basis of Romanian windmills, with which Radovic met during his work of one of the Romanian counts. The rural unit of Krusevice (650 m) is a typical example of the Dinaric village. The old stone building prevails with a set of houses situated on the edge of a picturesque karst field.

One of the most attractive caves on the peninsula of Lustica, Blue Cave is located between the Golden Port cove and the Cape Mokra Gora. It is distant from Herceg Novi 5,7 nm. It has two openings at an angle of 45 degrees, the height from the sea level to the top of the ceiling is 9 m, and the depth is 3 – 4 m. It got its name by an unusual blue color that arises during the afternoon, a reflection of the sun’s rays that reflects on its surface. Visiting this cave is a part of the program of excursion tours through Boka Bay and it can be entered by regular boats or smaller boats. Be active!

The fortress Arza, east of the island of Mamula, at the very end of the southwestern part of the Luštica peninsula, rests on the foundations of an ancient fortress, from which some fragments of larger amphorae and vessels are preserved. In the geographical triangle, the Fortress on the cape Ostro on the Prevlaka peninsula (which lies on the west side of the entrance to Boka Bay, which belongs to Croatia) – the fortress Mamula (Lastavica) – fortress Arza, the entrance to Boka was strategically closed completely. Today these fortifications await adaptation and new tourist valorization. Across the road of the beach with the same name, there is an islet – Žanjic , also called the Little Lady on which is the church of St. Presentation. This ridge can easily be reached by swimming or by kayak. The kind priests will gladly tell you about the history of the island dedicated to the Mother of God. Be active!

On sea charts it is known as Lastavica, but the generally accepted name of the island was given under the Austrian General Lazar Mamula, who fortified it in the middle of the 19th century. Mamula is an uninhabited island at the very entrance to Boka Bay, away from Herceg Novi 3,4 nm. It is circular in shape, 200 m in diameter, covered with low vegetation, with a beach and a pier on the north side. At the time of both world wars on this island was a prison and as a sign of remembrance for that period a memorial plate was placed. Be active!
In the immediate vicinity of Žanjic there is also a bay Mirišta, extremely popular due to exceptional service and beautiful ambience. According to the legend, it is a place where spat families have once found piece among each other. Be active!