Wednesday, 04 April 2018 12:45

The church is located in the old town, next to the church of St. Jeronim. This Catholic church was built on the orders of Jeronim Korner, in 1688, immediately after the occupation of the city by the Venetians. It was dedicated to St. Mother of God (St. Mary), and later dedicated to St. Francis. This church was served by the Friars Capuchins, two priests and two monks, chosen for special merits during the war against the Turks. Immediately to the monastery, the administration of the military hospital was settled where served Friars Capuchins. A school for young people was also in the monastery. Today it is dedicated to St. Leopol Mandic (1866 – 1942), who was born in Herceg Novi, and in 1882 he entered the Capuchin seminary and devoted himself to religious life. Leopold Mandic was proclaimed saintly in 1983 by Pope John Paul II. The day of the church is May 12, the birthday of Saint Leopold Mandic. Altar painting in the church of St. Leopold Mandic is the works of painter Ananije Verbinski from Herzegovina. Next to the church are rooms of the Franciscan sisters as well as premises of the Parish Office.